The Barena regeneration and Caractère Duo: innovative and well-recognised solutions.

The wine industry sector, like many others, is sometimes reluctant to accept change and innovation. Barena Technunolgie’s track record goes back to 2008 and its unique barrel regeneration technology is well established in the practices of the most prestigious wineries, not only in La Rioja but also in over 400 wineries in France, Australia and New Zealand.

What makes the difference?
“Without dismantling the barrel, the Barena Technœologie treatment is a detailed barrel-to-barrel process in which the inner layer of the wood is recovered,” explains Patrick Sabaté, Barena’s manager. “With a high-purity quartz projection stripping, we remove the crystallised wine solids in the wood pores without affecting the original toasting of the barrel. Subsequently, an intensive steam treatment is applied which achieves disinfection even 1 cm from the inside of the stave, eliminating various moulds, bacteria and yeasts. The tuning of the barrel is completed with an external sanding that significantly rejuvenates the appearance of the barrel”. The Barena method is unique and is designed to reactivate its main oenological functions, preserving the barrel, improving the quality of the wine and maximising profitability.

The Barena® regeneration is applied to barrels that are more than 7 years old, 3 years old or 4 to 6 years old. Depending on the wine profile sought and in collaboration with the winemakers, the method is adapted to the specific needs of each winery.

Barena Technœnologie® is also the exclusive distributor of Caractère Duo, an international patent for a product manufactured by Alter Oak to improve the structure, stability and longevity of wine. This new product, resulting from the synergistic combination of tannins and yeast mannoproteins, adds to the services offered by Barena.

It is a 100% natural extract that has no preservatives and can be applied directly to the wine, as it is completely soluble, either at the beginning of the ageing process or just before bottling. Due to the immediacy of reaction and integration into the wine matrix, the results obtained in the laboratory guarantee the final result in the wine to be treated. It is a product that complies with the Oenological Codex and the EC 606/2009 regulation and the doses of use are between 5 and 10 g/hL.

An innovative success from a company located in La Rioja!