From ecological commitment to action: an innovative and economical solution without compromising on quality.

Barena Technoenologie offers an exclusive and unique opportunity to reactivate the oenological functions of barrels, giving them a new life. In times of general ecological awareness, barrel regeneration provides wine producers with a new, accessible and easy way to implement their ecological commitments. Since 2008, Barena Technoenologie has been providing tailor-made solutions for its customers, offering new solutions for its winemakers thanks to its innovative barrel regeneration and reactivation technology.

Barrel regeneration is proven to reactivate the barrel’s functions, while preserving its characteristics that then affect the quality and taste of the product. Barena takes into account the initial characteristics of the barrels, such as the type of wood and its toasting. By preserving the qualities of each barrel, Barena guarantees the excellence of the barrel’s execution and conservation, giving tools to assign taste and texture to the winemakers.

The many advantages of Barena Technoenologie’s service include optimising the management of the barrel stock for the wineries and reducing the environmental impact. This unique technology consists of three steps: removal of crystallized wine solids from the wood pores with high-purity quartz jets, disinfection through intensive steam treatment and finally external sanding which rejuvenates the exterior appearance of each barrel. It is important to note that the regeneration procedure reactivates the micro-oxygenation qualities of the material and the aromatic compounds inherent in the wood.

Barena Technoenologie’s innovative and unique method not only gives barrels a new lease of life and offers financial benefits to wineries, but also stimulates us to start a new lifestyle. Socially, it is our responsibility to be ecologically aware while facing a crisis that is affected by our daily consumption decisions. Historically, it is our legacy to future generations to reshape our habits for the common good. Since 2008, Barena’s technology has been used by wineries in La Rioja, enjoying this solution to reactivate the initial oenological functions of their barrels, preserve and improve the quality of their products, maximise the profitability of their wine production and, above all, have professionals at their side to begin the transition of the wine sector with new, more ecological methods of the production process.