Since 2008, the only barrel regeneration technology designed to reactivate their main oenological functions and preserve their shape, improving the quality of the wine and maximising their profitability.

Reduce your costs by maximising your profitability

A natural solution that allows each phase of the barrel to be repeated (from 1 to 3 years, 4 to 6 years, and 7 to 12).

3 years

Reactivation of the main oenological functions for a wine with a new oak profile.

4,5, 6 years

Reactivation of the main oenological functions for a wine with a mild oak profile.

7+ years

Reactivating the micro-oxygenation and disinfection processes of the internal wood, eliminating all microbiological risks, in order to obtain a clean wine.

Reduce your ecological footprint

The use of BARENA Technœnologie® regeneration allows you to increase the productivity of your barrel park, considerably reducing its environmental impact and your ecological footprint.

Drag the slider horizontally to compare the inner state before and after barrel regeneration..

Personalised regeneration defined with your oenologist to preserve and improve the quality of your wine profile.

We always work with our clients’ winemakers to adapt our technology and methods to the wine profile they want.


We have been offering solutions to our prestigious clients in Spain, France, New Zealand and Australia since 2008.
Throughout our journey, we have received various awards in the wine and innovation sector.


Trophée OEnovation
Tecnopole Bourdeaux Montesquieu


Trophée OEnovation
Consejo General de Gironde


Trophée L’innovation
Conseil Vinitech


We are official exclusive distributors of Alter Oak’s product, Caractère Duo.